“When What is Vile is Honored”

As believers, we are inundated constantly with messages from a culture and society that are the complete opposite of our faith. When actors, actresses, athletes, and politicians jump on the bandwagon about a certain issue—and then our friends and family do as well—holding fast to our faith and our beliefs can seem like a daunting… Continue reading “When What is Vile is Honored”

Are You a “Worst Case Scenario Lady,” Like Me?

Can you imagine if we had to introduce ourselves by the way we most often think? “Hi! I’m Worst Case Scenario Lady,” is probably what I would say. I wish it were, “Hi! I’m the Lady that Fully Trusts in Jesus About Everything,” but, unfortunately, it would not be accurate. Because while I am a… Continue reading Are You a “Worst Case Scenario Lady,” Like Me?