“When What is Vile is Honored”

As believers, we are inundated constantly with messages from a culture and society that are the complete opposite of our faith. When actors, actresses, athletes, and politicians jump on the bandwagon about a certain issue—and then our friends and family do as well—holding fast to our faith and our beliefs can seem like a daunting… Continue reading “When What is Vile is Honored”

Can I Ever Be a “Gentle” Mama?

Growing up, I was silly and entertaining. Literally my grandpa’s nickname for me was “Noisy.” My bubbly personality was mostly out of necessity. Living in a sometimes tumultuous household, I felt like it was my job to keep the peace or to bring a smile to otherwise grumpy faces. “Calm and quiet” would never be adjectives I would… Continue reading Can I Ever Be a “Gentle” Mama?